Independent Board Review

Many reviews have been held by regulatory bodies since 2008 into the subject of Corporate Governance and specifically the area of Board competence and capability. As a result, new codes of conduct have been issued against which all major UK companies are measured by investors, regulators and clients.

Compliance reviews focus on how well the Board is functioning as a unit, the mix and capability of its members and the contribution of individual directors, committees and committee chairs. Using a well proven methodology, Abbeywell Associates Limited offers an independent board review service in accordance with FRC standards.

For AIM listed companies a less formal, but no less rigorous, review process can offer insights into how prepared the company is to move to a full FTSE listing and what steps may be taken to increase that likelihood.

A Man Who Dares to Waste One Hour of Time Has Not Discovered the Value of Life

Of the 925 companies listed on the Alternative Investment Market, only around 10% will successfully move to a full FTSE listing